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Subject:  Re: Socialism = Heck on Earth? Date:  12/2/2012  1:37 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46510 of 139644

"Tell us again that Obama and his socialism will kill the Boston High tech area as well as Silicon Valley. We obviously need to hear it."

Heh heh...his 3.8% tax on gross receipts is doing that right now as high tech biotech companies are cutting back massively..staff and they stay profitable. that's 20% or more of their profits he fund his Obamakare for the weenies and queenies.

F"YI DH works daily with CEOs of start-ups in Silicon Valley and I myself wrote a paper on the beginning of LAN (written in 1983-4) Those were exciting times."

Wasn't it Xerox or and IBM that put the 'token ring' LAN into actual production and use? Along with DEC....? not some socialist country that could get things into production......... and it was profs at NYU and Stanford who came up with most of the queuing theory..... used in LANs.....

Yes they were..but show me a Swedish computer company..or Danish or Finnish one......or even Swiss one.....

and most of what they invent is ways to get around their Nanny state regulations that make things 'too expensive'. regulated telecom folks figure out 'cheap ways' to get around the high cost government services. Like SKYPE....instead of 50c a minute or dollar a minute toll charges by the state phone company. Here we had mCI that gave us 3c/minute long distance..... once again, you suffered under your Nanny state until someone figured out a way to outfox the government strangling services kept high and run inefficiently.

Your cellphone service is 3 to five times the cost..... in you had to invent get around your tax and nanny state less expensively.....

Sorry..socialist countries lose out. Stay behind the technology curve for the most part.....

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