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Subject:  Re: Investment Income Surtax Date:  12/3/2012  8:09 AM
Author:  wrjohnston91283 Number:  117050 of 132471

Yeah - cause "credit" is consistent from one institution to another.
< /sarcasm >

I've been involved with one institution that's on quarter system (credit is roughly 1 hour/week * 10 weeks), another on semester system (credit is roughly 1 hour/week * 15 weeks) and another where they don't even use the term "credit", but rather "unit".

I would argue that tuition is even more inconsistent and that's what we currently base the tax break on. I recognize your point though. If doing it by credit is too unevenly applied, then lets use some other methodology that's more even. But lets use ONE methodology; not four (and this discussion is only about tax breaks for paying with taxable dollars - don't forget the various options for tax-free savings for education: QTP/529, prepaid, ESA, savings bond program).

I think my point is still valid - there for many life events, there are a myriad of tax breaks, all with different restrictions and limitations. Luckily, most software will run the numbers for them, but thats only after the decision has been made. It still can be very time consuming and complex to determine what the right decision is - the tax software will only let you know if it was the right decision.
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