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Subject:  Re: US headed into dictatorship Date:  12/5/2012  10:16 AM
Author:  JediGALT Number:  658345 of 888092

In the old days when I cared....

Libs used to jump on me for "flag waving" and "jingoism" becaause I merely felt it was right to promote pride amongst Americans, about their country and also, to RE-INTRODUCE American history and civics in schools and even pop culture a little. I was worried that America would one day cease to be a nation-state, and instead become a multicultural polyglot where the citizens weren't citizens, but moreso rabbits to be controlled by the Ruling Class.

Because after all, if you don't understand your rights, how you got them, and the utter greatness of your country, you won't know the difference when your rights are being taken away, right? (Not my concept. Senator David Boren, DEMOCRAT wrote a book on this topic)

Liberals, ever disgusted with the idea of "America" prefer focusing on slavery and other evils which IS LEGIT. We should remember our sins....but we shouldn't be solely focused on them.

So where we are.

Whether it's Bush or Obama, they are steadily taking away rights, bending Constitutions, and day by day making Americans less free.

And "americans", don't give a crap.


Cause they don't know any better antymore.

Obama 2012....decline

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