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Subject:  Re: Sandbagged, but not upset Date:  12/5/2012  3:30 PM
Author:  decath Number:  658436 of 878767

One thing I noticed is that once you volunteer for a kids program in any capacity, you get sucked in. Too few parents get involved at all, so the ones who do volunteer wind up doing everything.

Very much true. I was part of a youth sports association in Little Elm Tx back in the day when my 2 oldest started sports at the age of 5. One thing led to another and I was coaching year around. Whether it was football, soccer, basketball, baseball or track....I did it. It was particularly challenging during spring when my daughter played softball and my son played baseball. I would coach baseball and help with the softball team (which my wife coached) when I could. But to make matters worse, I was the Track & Field commissioner/coach (pretty much did everything). Track started in May so I was pretty much gone every night and every Saturday. Only had Sunday off, which meant I went to church early in the morning and did not get home until afternoon since I was a church elder and the treasurer. Whew! I got burned out after 10 years.

I liked coaching. But I should have kept it to just basketball and track, which is what I really know best and enjoy. Problem was, in Little Elm Tx, not exactly a bastion of sports, there was nobody that could do it worth a flip except just a few people. When I was not coaching, I'd go to my son or daughter's practice and just cringe. Even a sport I don't know squat about like soccer. So I'd end up helping the coach...which turned into organizing the practices (I would watch videos and go to other teams practices who knew what they were doing)...then usually end up running everything because the guy/gal that was running it did not really want to do anything anyway.

That's how you get sucked in.

I was so glad when JH started and could hang it up, except for summer track which I continued to coach a small group of kids all the way until the 12th grade.

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