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Subject:  Re: UK: Austerity Fails, Stay the Course Date:  12/9/2012  10:57 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46700 of 130143

"The failure of austerity should not surprise anyone who studied history "

You mean that the failure of the Greek government to actually live within its means for the last 30 years is 'not surprising' when the whole government is in total collapse?

heh heh

The European "austeriy' is merely LIVING WITHIN the budget. Something Obama blabs about but has no intention of doing since he won't even get a budget passed, no less live within it.

Within 10 years our country will be toast. Borrowing over a trillion a year is heading us for disaster...

and if you think 'austerity' - ie, living within your means is 'horrible'...try it yourself. Max out all your cards..borrow against your house- refi it..take all the money out...get a title loan on your car......borrow even more. open every card you can..max them out....spend 150% of what you make each year and have zero savings....and see how long you last......

And if some one says 'hey, why don't you live within your means''d say 'austerity always fails' and I'm going to spend EVEN MORE by borrowing even more!......

You ain't seen nothing yet. Wait until hyper inflation sets it.....

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