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Subject:  Re: Surprise-Another New Employer Fee in Obamaca Date:  12/11/2012  10:07 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46750 of 139644

Art:"We should go to a singler payer system and just get it over with. Like pulling off a band-aid, just one quick and swift yank and it's done. There'd be some screaming but it would be over with soon enough. "

I'm sure you won't mind the $8/gal gas and the 18% to 20% Value ADded tax that are needed to support it, right?

After all, so what if Bonnie has to pay an extra $100 a week driving to work! IT's all for the 'social welfare' so all those low income or no income folks and lazy bums and under the table paid workers get 'free' health care.

And when you go to the foodstore, you won't mind paying an additional 10% VAT on the food? right?

Someone has to pay for all that 'free' healthcare.

It will be mostly the middle class.

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