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Subject:  Re: Surprise-Another New Employer Fee in Obamaca Date:  12/11/2012  11:06 AM
Author:  ariechert Number:  46753 of 139644

"I'm sure you won't mind the $8/gal gas and the 18% to 20% Value ADded tax that are needed to support it, right? After all, so what if Bonnie has to pay an extra $100 a week driving to work! IT's all for the 'social welfare' so all those low income or no income folks and lazy bums and under the table paid workers get 'free' health care. And when you go to the foodstore, you won't mind paying an additional 10% VAT on the food? right? Someone has to pay for all that 'free' healthcare. It will be mostly the middle class." - tele

Tele the system we have now isn't "free". There is a whole host of parasites and leeches called Health Insurers skimming off 30% right off the top of every dollar spent on health care.

You think those health insurance people work for free? They are parasites sucking the blood out of sick people. I don't trust them any further than I can spit.

And right now someone is paying for the care of the poor and indigent in this country. Those without health insurance are getting health care and what they don't end up being able to pay is added on to the cost of the middle class and wealthy.

A single payer system would get rid of the Health Insurance parasites and spread the cost of the care of poor and indigent over a wider area. It would make the system more fair and get rid of leeches in the middle skimming off profits.

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