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Subject:  Cinema Display HD Date:  12/11/2012  6:24 PM
Author:  awlabrador Number:  61652 of 71503

I've got an Apple 23" Cinema Display HD (the old aluminum model, with DVI) that seems to have died last night when my APC UPS went nuts and started hissing. At least, the UPS started hissing when I came back, the Mac was off though the external drives were on, and the monitor was dark. Fearing a catastrophic UPS failure and lead acid leak, I disconnected everything and carefully removed the battery (with hand and eye protection on), finding the battery still well sealed. (Yes, I know the batteries are supposed to be spill-proof, but when I heard that hissing sound, I wasn't taking chances.)

When I went home for lunch, I reconnected the UPS battery, and the UPS was behaving normally. I reconnected everything and booted up, and everything came back up except the monitor. I was able to log in via screen sharing from an old PowerBook in order to shut down gracefully, and then retried starting up in various ways. The monitor refused to turn on.

I remember having a similar problem at the beginning of the year when I was attaching a KVM switch to my setup, and I eventually got the monitor to start up, so I'm holding out hope that I can get it running again -- how, I don't know.

Any suggestions? I don't recall the Cinema Displays being finicky, so I assume it's really dead, like a burnt out backlight or power supply. I hope it didn't fry my Mac mini video circuitry.

I don't want to spend gobs of money on a new Apple monitor, at least not now. I'm thinking of bringing it in to an Apple authorized repair place rather than the Apple Store, and if their repair time runs long, I might buy a super-cheap monitor from Best Buy to tide me over for an important job-related task. Or hook it up to the television in my bedroom.

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