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Subject:  Re: I'm on the anti-thug side Date:  12/13/2012  6:55 AM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  1844585 of 2279087

Just because the hate filled wingnuts in your state have gone over the line from what they were elected to do and have STOLEN every thing you have spent your life working for, don't punch them. Either regain power, run through a mandate that STEALS half of every millionaires property in Michigan and give them a lesson in injustice; or use a second amendment solution. After all the tree of liberty needs to be watered with the blood of patriots every now and then, I'm told.

OK so basically, the unions lost a battle that they had promised not to fight and forced folks to act on stuff they did not want on the docket, you are advocating violence

And, because folks who have jobs in certain places will not have a choice on how they interact with the other workers there, you are advocating violence

And because folks now have the power to join or not join unions, and there is no hammer given to either side --- you want to take away half of the property of folks that have nothing to do with your stated solution

--and somehow you think you are on the anti-thug side

I am impressed. i thought little of libs, but I did think they could manage the definition of 4 letter words. Even that trivial skill seems to be a real problem

For better or for worse, you will be seeing what you seem to desire I expect. There will be violence. Though I personally hope not, I can not see how with what we have in the WH and people like you that it is remotely avoidable and we as a society see people like you in OWN, and in Wisconsin and in Michigan and know there will be a time when defense is unavoidable. It is a shame there are people like you, but folks will defend themselves from bullies and punks.
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