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Subject:  Re: You all do know that 'natural' peanut butter Date:  12/17/2012  2:23 PM
Author:  VeeEnn Number:  57460 of 58955

Btw viv--I didn't mean to disparage dentists' abilities regarding the botox injections

Not to struck me as a bit strange when it first started to take off back in the UK (ages after I left) I've changed my mind a bit WRT just the Botox and whatnot if that's what you know is all you need. As one of my girlfriends pointed out......who would you want injecting a paralysing agent into you........someone who spends every day giving precise, painless injections and knows the anatomy of the muscles of facial expression and their nerve supply like the back of their hand ('cept, they wouldn't know those muscles quite so intimately)......or a plastic surgeon.

Thing is with this, right, if you want someone to make you look *better* (and Botox injections might be only one part of that) you want someone who can do the full deal. That's not going to be your dentist......not that they'd be licensed anyways. My daughter dated a well respected local cosmetic surgeon for a while..... and dropped him sort-of because she thought he was a bit too frivolous (I think it was the $1500 worth of BLING he bought her for *no good reason*.....her words... that was the decider <<GULP>>) Where did I go wrong?!!
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