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Subject:  Re: Social Security & Income Inequality Date:  12/30/2012  2:44 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  47127 of 125164

intercst:"I bet we could actually lower the FICA tax rate and secure Social Security for hundreds of years if we applied the tax to all income (even hedge fund managers earning billions of dollars in one year) dividends, interest, and capital gains."

but would you be willing to compensate them when they retire, with say, 3 million a year in SS benefits?

If they contribute 10,000 times more than the average, then they should be able to collect at least 1000 times more in retirement, right?

Say a measely 3,000,000 a year in SS payments?'re for wealth redistribution? see money, want money.

I doubt you'd be retired if you had to pay all the taxes you are talking about yourself.

and now look at you. Sold your 'dividend stocks' so you won't get socked with higher rates on dividends. Trying to make yourself have the least 'income' next year to get the cheapest rate possible. Trying to fly 'under the radar'....gotcha....

Typical lib saying 'tax the guy standing next to me, but not me!'....

If you are so envious of hedge fund managers, go be one yourself!....make your billions if you can.

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