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Subject:  Re: Arm the Kids Date:  12/31/2012  6:11 AM
Author:  Stonewashed Number:  1849829 of 2229412

The opportunists on both sides of this argument have raised the discussion to such an obsene pitch of fear-mongering, no one is listening to either side. Really. The arguments however are being used to label one side or the other reactionaries.

That being said, my grandfather kept a loaded pistol under his bed, because he lived out in the middle of nowhere. I knew where it was, and I knew if I ever touched it I would probably be beaten within an inch of my life, although he never laid a hand on me ever.

I know of someone in NY who recently did jury duty lately, who in their most remote thoughts never considered owning a gun. When he learned first hand what is running aroung out there, he has decided to purchae one legally and take classes to use it.

Our society has gone a tad bit bonkers and people do not believe they can trust law enforcement officials to protect them.

I also believe the same week the tragedy in CT happened, another event happened in a San Antonio movie theatre but one of the people there was legally 'carrying" and killed the guy. In TX you can legally carry a concealed weapon, if you have taken the classes. Actually, I think it would be a better idea if you were carrrying just to show it instead of concealing it, as a deterrant, especially for women.

It doesn't take military style guns to protect yourself and others, so there is really no need for people to own them, exept maybe if they actually fear something like this happening...

Perhaps we should ask ourselves why people are becoming so fearful of the government. If you read this book, you'd understand why. It wasn't these people's government so much, as it was the dictatorial nature of "the party"....the shadow government.
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