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Subject:  Re: Balanced? BS! Date:  12/31/2012  6:27 PM
Author:  JoshRandall Number:  663082 of 879808

What happens if the Republicans all vote "present" can the legislation still pass? Then it would get only Democratic votes for or against, either way, it floats or sinks based on Democratic votes only.

That's a plausible option and in a world of thinking people who use logic, one would expect that everyone would understand the blame should lie squarely in the democrats' court; however, we don't live in a world of thinking people who employ logic but who believe anything anyone tells them regardless of whether or not it is true.

Never underestimate the sophistry, deceit, and ability to twist a truth into a lie of people like 0bama and the democrats. Somehow, even if repubs voted 100% "present" 0bama, the master of deceit, would turn it around. Plus, he keeps giving free stuff and the recipients don't give a whit about deficits or irresponsible and reckless government.

Democrats need to own their government policies and the only way is if they have complete control for a decade or two. When the folks learn that they are becoming slaves to government, only then will things turn around and the dems will have no one else to blame.

Of course, the alternative would be to have some republicans with some cajones and take full advantage of the leverage they have left and refuse to deal with the President unless he meets THEIR demands. Let the sequestration happen. Refuse to raise the debt ceiling one penny. The media and the world will go nuts and say that the sky will fall and the end of civilization is at hand, but real change would occur and the repubs would assure future victory. But you and I both know that will not happen.
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