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Subject:  Re: It's healthy to be fat! Date:  1/4/2013  8:36 AM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  57476 of 58955

"This study is really a pile of rubbish and no one should waste their time reading it," he says.

Perhaps because it's opposite to everything he's ever said? What would you expect? "Oh yes, my entire life's work has been a fraud..."

This article is a long way from validating obesity as a strategy for long term health. I see that the author is a professor of law at the Univ. Colorado

The author of the article. The study was conducted by other researchers from the CDC and elsewhere.

and with a book about the Obesity *myth* no less.

Well. Walter Willet has a book. If that's a disqualification, why are you going around quoting him?

Afternote to ThyPeace: you don't "make" a link. The Fool software scans for anything that starts with an "http" or a "www" and ends with a valid domain register (like .com or .net or whatever) automatically turns it into a link, whether it's valid or not. Typing it in, or pasting it in is all you do, no special tricks required. Like this: or
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