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Subject:  Re: Today's Assignment for Leftists Date:  1/4/2013  1:59 PM
Author:  JoelCairo Number:  1850910 of 2292414

After all, YOU are kicking in 2% more, while his marginal rate stayed cut by 4%. He's been inconvenienced for having extra money to have to spend and at very least, you can screen the right hotels and restaurants for him or her.

Silly little ranter.

Is this the best straw man you could construct? Pretty weak.

Fact is, the guy you applaud, whose wealth went up more rapidly during the Bush tax cuts than the guy you hate -- meaning all IT people and all liberals -- has to pay the extra 2%, too.

And, that person is not getting a tax cut he hasn't already been receiving, so while, admittedly, $2000 more in payroll taxes won't hurt him, he will have less cash, not more.

As for the people you hate, they will also not see a tax hike on their income. Thus, this is a flat tax increase, which surprises me that you would oppose.

Maybe this year we can raise the FICA application to $400,000 from its current $110K level.

BTW Jedi, maybe you don't understand the niceties of American government, but the law that was passed was a compromise, with all the people who voted for it accepting something they didn't like. Obama accepted the FICA increase, but didn't want it.

Its so easy to sit on the sidelines and pout and huff and puff and anonymously throw vicious insults at people you never met and know nothing about, and justify it by saying they are racists and hypocrites, unlike, I guess, you. Its another thing to get in the arena and try to do something.

Which is why most politicians, even people like Boehner, are far more noble than people who just like to attack them personally, rather than critique their policies.
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