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Subject:  Re: Today's Assignment for Leftists Date:  1/4/2013  2:48 PM
Author:  JediGALT Number:  1850918 of 2292872

HI alstro...

That right there is perhaps my ONLY beef with your outlook on things.

You've got too much of "the rich this, the rich that".

Ok, let the Rich pay more towards the army cause they have more property.

but then let the poor pay for welfare. Let the rich totally withdraw from Social Security and Medicare, let everyone else pay for that. Let the rich send their kids to private school, but then refund the rich the "per pupil" cost that their kids won't be using at public school. Of course, since the "rich" are paying more for the army to defend their extra 3 acres of backyard, the rich should get their property tax refunded too. Let the condo owner fund public school with $2000 property tax bills while the rich save their $15,000 in the same zip code, see how it works. Then let's make sure everyone pays the equal dollar amount for infrastructure. The rich guy in his Cadillac and the working man each drive the same freeway at rush hour. One car. One butt. Let em pay equal income tax as far as that is concerned.

See Alstro, we're both good keyboard warriors. We can both do well at a P*ssing match on why the rich should pay more or less. It'd be tic tac toe and neither of us would ever win.

Back when I cared, my heartbreak was that there was too much "the rich this the rich that" whereas in the America I grew up in, if we saw a Cadillac on the road or whatever, our teachers, scoutmasters, whatever would say "do your homework and work hard and you can have that just like that man has". Heck my parents were 1st generation immigrants. Dad earned $40k most of his life in corporate mid-management. Mom ran a home day-care with 6 kids, probably took in 22k. They saved every dime they had but eventually bought a small business, the whole family worked it, and yes, they retired part of that evil top 1%. In the Old America where envy was less, and PHD's were more, people excelled. (Pride, Hustle, and Desire, that's my PHD) We're just too envious now. I'm all for curtailing loopholes for EVERYONE. Let's all play by the same rules. And let's have an AMERICAN mentality of getting ahead, rather than trying to find a least common denominator for everyone.

See now you got me nostalgic as if I gave a crap about anything! Darn you :) I'm going to go back to playing with my pets here. Surely there's some bad news that came out in the past few hours.

Cheese pizza and potato skins for lunch. Courtesy of my unemployment income. Gotta love Obama 2012

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