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Subject:  Re: Minister of Truth Goofy Says This Doesn't Ex Date:  1/5/2013  11:35 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  664367 of 879345

goofy says:"
Outlaw assault weapons and there will be fewer assault weapons - even as "it encourages illegal assault weapon trade." But that does not mean there will be more, in fact, quite the opposite. The numbers will be LESS - but some will be "illegal." Just look at Australia. Or England.:"

They did that. Now there are 3 million smuggled guns in the UK..mostly in the hands of violent gang members. You need to have a gun to join most of the gangs........

With the US unable to keep out hundreds of tons, if not thousands of tons of pot, unable to keep out millions of illegals who cross the border every year...and 90% of which are never caught....with hundreds of tons of cocaine and meth making it into the US each really think you will eliminate the 'trade' in 'assault' rifles?

Are you really 'scared' by a 'scary looking' gun? wow......

ANd what are you going to do? Have jackboot squads invade every home where a 'rumor' of illegal guns is located? Neighbor turning in neighbor who they don't like or didn't vote the 'right way' last election? Midnight raids on everyone's home/apartment to 'get the guns'? really?

only the 'goofy' libs would even start such a project. First, outlaw 99% of guns..and rifles...since they have 'multi-shot' capability. Back to one shot guns. 1800 technology. Maybe they'll only let you have black powder guns? Flintlocks?

Sorry , libs......we see your nose under the ain't a getting in.

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