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Subject:  Re: Poll: A sensible gun poll Date:  1/6/2013  1:20 AM
Author:  spikie Number:  1851214 of 2333619

Do research before you start blabbing about things you don't know about.

Guards at Columbine? Cursory research turns up the single guard was in the parking lot. He did engage Harris from 60 yards with a handgun and did delay him. That saved lives (time = lives if you don't understand what I mean).

Harris and Klebold had bombs (some of which went off) as well as arms. The murders at Columbine could have been much worse.

Swat did nothing except hold guns on people coming out. A single armed teacher in the library could have stopped them before they murdered the kids they murdered.

But you people's laws say that good people can't have guns in school to protect kids or teachers or administrators. After all, that would be admitting you don't have control. So you let kids and administrators and teachers sit there in a glass house with NO protection from insane murderers.

You people are too stupid for words. In an ideal world where no one went crazy ever, maybe you would have a leg to stand on, but sir, the world isn't ideal, people do go crazy, some people are simply bad people who want to murder someone else and somewhere, somehow we need somebody with enough guts to stop them before they harm those who we love. If that someone is a teacher with a concealed weapon or an administrator with a concealed weapon, or an Israeli type guard and metal detectors with backup behind a two way mirror, bring those someones on and let them be protection for our kids.

Taking guns from the hands of lawful responsible people does zilch to stop a murderer. I would think it would have been obvious after Sandy Hook and Columbine that your 'No Gun Zones' are just another murder field.
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