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Subject:  Re: Obama's jobs gap, visualized. Date:  1/6/2013  2:07 AM
Author:  synchronicityII Number:  1851216 of 2287648

That's called a strawman. It's a logical fallacy used by people who can't argue very well.

So, you're saying that your comment that banks were "forced to make loans" ISN'T true? Because they weren't, ya know. But I'm sorry that you don't know how to argue well.

I've posted at length the causes of the fin crash because I took the time to read up on it. Evidently you haven't.

And those causes, in your mind, are tied to banks being forced to make loans? Because if so, you're wrong. And I've also "posted at length about the causes of the crash", actually I was foreseeing it back in the fall of 2006, before it became a political issue. You, I'm guessing, notsomuch.

This is ad hominem. Here's another example: so's your mother.

PA libs dish it out, but can't take it.

Dope, you're not even worth wasting the time to put any effort into arguing with. All you ever do is ad hominem. Even when you're proven wrong, over and over again. Why don't you back to Conservative Fools and chant "Baghdad Nate" over and over again, or whatever the heck it is that's now on your radar. Probably taxes, and how you need REAL Conservatives running or something.

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