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Subject:  Re: those wonderful islamos Date:  1/7/2013  10:25 AM
Author:  JoshRandall Number:  664883 of 881715

A woman who beat her son to death for failing to learn parts of the Koran by heart and burned his body to destroy the evidence

But many Post-Modern Libs would have no other choice but to condone such cultural norms:

• Truth is created not discovered. Truth is a matter of perspective and each culture or individual defines for themselves what is truth.
• Since truth is invented, there is no universal transcultural truth. Each culture or individual will define truth differently according to their background and perspective.
• Truth changes. Since it is inseparably connected to individuals and cultures which continually change, truth perpetually to changes.
• Since truth is a matter of a group or individual’s perspective, one’s beliefs can change a truth statement.
• Since an individual determines truth, truth is affected by the attitude of the one professing it.
• There can be no such thing as absolute truth.
• Absolute truth is not knowable. Absolute and objective truth cannot be known since it is built on the shifting foundation of man’s perceptions. As each individual’s perception is different, truth cannot be known.

Everything is everything man.
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