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Subject:  Re: Low Information 0bama Voters Date:  1/7/2013  3:09 PM
Author:  CelloSpice Number:  664974 of 881679

Goofy only looks left:
How ironic that you have been taken in by an Internet hoax. A search on the website of that paper fails to turn up the reported "article."

Well, Goofy, snopes has a well-known liberal bias. Go peddle it elsewhere because it has no value here.

Secondly, you didn't look very hard. When this was first circulating, I did some research on it and discovered that it has been supposedly translated. I found the source but could not verify at the time because I don't read the original language.

Just for a little bit of balance, here is some investigating from the right:

Finally, and most importantly, it really doesn't matter whether or not CC was taken in by a hoax. Suppose Glenn Beck wrote it and it was circulated as something from the Prager Zeitung. So what? The message is right on target.

I note that you could not or would not dispute the truth of what CC quoted. How like a liberal ...full of sound and fury signifying nothing. Those who know can fill in the rest of the quote.
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