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Subject:  Re: War on Poverty Date:  1/7/2013  3:43 PM
Author:  vkg Number:  664982 of 884738

The market would adjust and bad schools would be forced to improve or die. You'd also see teachers become more competative and be able to demand higher salaries.

I don't believe vouchers will fix everything. Just a start. The core issue of why kids don't learn is rooted in our culture. The baby boomers are spoiled brats and their children and grandchildren are far worse. It's our culture that ultimately needs a wake-up call.

By worrying so much about integration in a district that was already three-quarters nonwhite, the judge and the plaintiffs ended up ignoring a whole list of far more likely reasons for students' lack of achievement. Because of steadfast union opposition, the district rejected merit pay for teachers.(103) It promoted principals on the basis of their race instead of their merit (which it had no systematic way to assess in any event). Because it failed to develop a core curriculum, many teachers simply geared their teaching to the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, a standardized multiple choice exam--a short-run strategy that hurt students long term.(104) For fear such a plan would reduce enrollment and jobs (and possibly show up the school district), the district rejected an initiative by 50 private schools to take 4,000 Kansas City students and educate them in return for vouchers for one-third to one-half of what the district was currently spending.(105) The KCMSD also rejected an offer by the Missouri Department of Education to run a demonstration school in the district because the state insisted on the right to pick its own teachers.(106)

I thought the Kansas City experiment would show that vouchers weren't the answer. Unfortunately, it only shows that the current educational system can spend any amount of money with no results.
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