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Subject:  Re: Settlement Date:  1/7/2013  10:17 PM
Author:  aj485 Number:  306649 of 312987

Mom and Dad told me when I sold the condo in Scottsdale to help out with buying what is on the shopping list and buy my meds,insurance, phone,aand dr. bills and help out with the bill at the restaurants when we go out.

And this allows them to take advantage of you, according to you:

If Mom and Dad saw me having $1000 in checking they INSIST I take them to dinner everynight, buy this that at Home Depot, Walmart, JoAnns, Michael's stores, Fry's food, Safeway. The money would be gone real fast. The answer to that is NO WAY AM I GOING TO DO THAT AGAIN.


I pay pmts on the car so I don't have to give the money to mom and dad....I'm not paying the car off.

Again, if you and they would change your arrangement so that, for instance, you agree upon a set amount of room/board per month, and when you go out to eat/to a movie/show/etc., you would do something like either split the check each time, or trade-off on who pays each time, you could actually become a financially responsible adult.

Until then, you are going to be stuck as a child who is forced to spend your money on whatever your parents want, when they want it. Further, you apparently are willing to remain in debt to financial institutions so you can 'shield' your money from having to spend it on your parents.

You are not demonstrating the behaviors of a financially responsible adult.

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