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Subject:  Fire Update 2012 Date:  1/11/2013  12:31 PM
Author:  whyohwhyoh Number:  4971 of 5260

2012 Update:
Net worth up 20% in 2012. [S&P +13%] (Net worth up 4.7X in past 9 years)

Current Portfolio:
27% Picked Stocks (9% net worth in WMT, PFE, AA) (10% company stock, after tax)
33% 401k Mutual Funds (70% S&P500 index fund)
8% Fixed Income (Cash Savings, Money Market)
107% California Real Estate (Our House Value*0.93)
-75% Mortgage 3.875% fixed 30yr

2012: 38 years old now. My goal for 2012 was to get fixed income back up to 15%, but just didn’t make that happen, and have dropped to 8% from 16% 2 years ago. Did some home remodeling in December which cost about 2% NW in cash, so will focus again to get this back up toward 15% as a better safety net. To accomplish this, I plan to liquidate some stocks this year as I became very heavy in my company stock in 2012, near 10% NW (after taxes). We refinanced again, no cost 3.875% 30yr fixed, rates just keep on dropping (previous rate was 4.25%). Both kids still in and likely forever will be in private school, now 5yo and 7yo; however, we are moving to a new school that should drop tuition costs by almost 50%. My job continues to remain stable with increasing income each year, but my industry will end at some point, 5 years, 10 years? … no one can predict. In 2013 I will reach the holy grail of 6 weeks vacation a year, so even more time to spend on family vacations. Fully funded my 401k this year.

2011 Update: NW +9% [S&P +0%]

2010 Update: NW +31% [S&P +13%]

2009 Update: NW +6% [S&P +23%]

2008 Update: NW (-31%) [S&P -40%]

2007 Update: NW +15% [S&P +6%]

2006 Update: NW +23% [S&P +14%]

2005 Update: NW +46% [S&P +3%]

2004 Update: NW +82% (mostly home value increase) [S&P +9%]

2003 Update: Net worth (NW) baseline = 1.0 (about 1.5X annual income at the time)

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