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Subject:  Re: Quote Of The Day Date:  1/13/2013  6:40 PM
Author:  CCinOC Number:  666239 of 878785

Girl, you got spunk!

I appreciate the positive feedback, but what bugs me most about libruls is their total lack of critical thinking skills, which is apparent in the comment, "Why should So-and-So's opinion matter?" Instead of reflecting on the comment itself, it now matters who said it? Why? You either agree with the sentiment or you don't. No fair deflecting via the speaker's credentials or what not, but that's what libruls do when they have no answers to even the simplest of dilemmas. Faced with monumental dilemmas such as this country is facing, and we're disadvantaged by 50.5 percent of the population with poor thinking skills. We're doomed.

GoofyDoofus did this the other day as well, when someone (I think it was me) posted a comment allegedly published in a Czech newspaper about the decline of America based on the re-election of Owebama. Goofy couldn't dismantle the sentiment so he zeroed in on the author of the quote, as if that made the comment untrue.

Libruls do this all the time. The minute cognitive dissonance rears its head inside their librul pea brains, they glance about looking for strawmen to blame.

Too bad someone can't devise a mechanism whereby a body is shocked whenever total gibberish exits the mouth of the person speaking the gibberish. The ground would be littered with libruls.
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