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Subject:  Re: $950K ... now what? Date:  1/14/2013  6:40 PM
Author:  MisterFungi Number:  34670 of 36670

Just a quick followup, to show that I am acting on advice that the good folks here have provided:

I spent the weekend researching various TIAA-CREF and Vanguard offerings (which are offered within TIAA-CREF) and spoke with two TIAA advisors on the phone today.

It turns out that (per my university's rules) I cannot begin reallocating any of my TIAA-Traditional until I actually retire (on June 30, 2014). But I can, at least, stop allocating new money there ... which is what I will do right away.

The problem for me, of course, is where to put the retirement contributions going forward? What a crappy environment in which to put new money to work....

More homework to do, I guess. I've downloaded a bunch of prospectuses (prospecti?) to peruse.

The other thing I did was take a little quiz that then suggests to you a portfolio based on your answers (regarding risk appetite, time horizon, objectives, etc.). The Magic 8-Ball tells me, approximately: 20% guaranteed (which I guess means "annuity"), 20% fixed-income (i.e., "bonds"), 10% real estate ("REITs"), and 50% equities. Sounds not unreasonable.

TIAA-CREF also offers "personal investment management" services for accounts > $1 M., which I will consider. It may be pound-foolish for me to resist the approx. $15K or so per annum in fees that this would cost me, esp. since I suspect that I will need help with Trusts and whatnot. But I score 11 on a 1 to 10 self-reliance scale (which I do NOT regard as an unalloyed good thing), and so it will take some convincing for me to go that route.

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