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Subject:  PD: 9/11 was Missile Attack Date:  1/18/2013  10:42 PM
Author:  pauleckler Number:  667190 of 878176

Letter to the editor in today's Post-Dispatch--

Article wrongly denigrates 9/11 'truthers'

9/11 truther group 'adopts' stretch of Olive Boulevard in St. Louis County

I find your "truther" article "Highway cleanup is again co-opted" (Jan. 14) an outrageously snide attack on every person who finds the official version of 9/11 events an utter fairytale.

The perfect implosions of the twin towers and of Tower 7 also, which was not hit by a plane or on fire, I found initially disconcerting even while being dazed by the sheer horror of that day's events. It was not until I spent some time looking at photos taken of the Pentagon attack, however, that I found the official version of events unacceptably inconsistent with what a reasonable person can determine from viewing the photographic evidence.

Officially, we are told to believe that an airplane hit the Pentagon and in doing so folded its wings and engines into its fuselage, never touched the ground, never shed any debris on the ground, and entered the building via a round hole that appears to be smaller inside than the diameter of the fuselage itself. Once inside the Pentagon, this same plane stopped instantaneously and then fell into bits so small that there is nothing recognizable as an airplane remaining. That is the official story.

After viewing the photos, I think it is beyond any doubt that the Pentagon was hit with a missile of some sort. A missile would do precisely the damage photographed that morning. So where did al-Qaida get the missile? Personally, I think the 9/11 attacks were planned in right-wing think tanks and carried out by the Bush administration. I think the official 9/11 version of events is a pack of lies that attempts to cover up the murder of American citizens by its government.

And I will have to continue thinking this until members of the press such as the Post-Dispatch can find the time to go after the truth of what happened instead of denigrating those who are actually seeking it.

Kent Johnson • St. Louis County
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