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Subject:  Re: virus shuttered U.S. power plant Date:  1/19/2013  4:25 AM
Author:  jaagu Number:  19090 of 20578

So, everyone on this board is ignorant to the point of making you LOL if they don't know you and the details or your 35-year career? Seriously? I don't have the expectation or desire for that kind of personal detail.

Then why did you start by insinuating that I am an inspector or an environmental lawyer and use hyperbole to describe those professions in the worst possible manner?

Instead of wasting your effort on bogus descriptions of inspectors and environmental lawyers, you could come out straight and ask me what my qualifications for bashing nuclear power. But instead you wanted to make up a bogus story. That is why I called you ignorant, and contrary to your statement I did not call everyone on this board ignorant. Maybe I should have called you devious and malicious instead.

Since you have never heard of Stuxnet: It is a highly sophisticated computer worm that has been used to cyber attack Iranian nuclear facilities. Do not be sad any longer about not knowing because here is a website where you can read about it.

As this thread was about cyber attacks, you could have added to the technical discussion instead of being the den mother on what I can or can not say. You are getting into the same habit as that big jerk Tim who goes around telling me what I can or can not say - but not adding a morsel to the topic under discussion.

And lastly, I do not know why you are so interested in my finding a job. You say above you are not interested in personal detail, but here you are giving me detailed advice. I am in my 70s and had a long successful career in engineering. I am financially secure. I retired at my pleasure, and if I wanted – I could call Bechtel and get a job immediately because of my qualifications and experience even at my age. Bechtel was not happy to see me retire in 2005. I managed teams of multi-discipline engineers numbering between 50 and 300 on many nuclear projects. So I am well versed in all of the disciplines of engineering besides my early training in mechanical and nuclear engineering. In between nuclear projects, I also worked total of 5 years on military facilities, space launch complex facilities and chemical waste cleanup facilities for Bechtel.

Contrary to your assumptions, I have no ill will against the nuclear industry – just some areas of the nuclear industry need bashing on some of their behaviors and deceptions. If you think nuclear industry is upright and clean as a whistle, then we can say the same about the oil and coal industry.

You never did tell me your nuclear qualifications or any other engineering qualifications. Does your handle really mean you are an engineer?
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