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Subject:  Re: think of me when you listen to this Date:  1/21/2013  2:53 AM
Author:  warrl Number:  667480 of 882725

I wonder if this is real. It is very hard for humans to teach any animal their own "stuff". Abbabgirl posted an owl picture that was implausible because it was obvious (to me) that neither owl could fly. But most people don't know that, so they click "like" or the equivalent.

Oh, I have a story... it ain't just humans.

A bit southeast of Seattle is Cougar Mountain, a sanctuary for mountain lions (the original cougars, before the term was borrowed). Somebody perhaps missing a few clues, turned to them to deal with an orphaned wolf cub.

Apparently the wildlife-sanctuary people aren't as much aware of each other as one would like to expect.

They raised this wolf cub among the cougars at Cougar Mountain for a couple years, then discovered that about an hour's drive away is a place called Wolf Haven. Guess what it is...

So anyway they arranged to transport this wolf raised among cougars to the more appropriate location.

And he is in the usual quarantine pen at Wolf Haven. But you can't quarantine wolf-howls. Which happen every night around sunset. Plus there are some enclosures with line of sight to the quarantine pen.

So the howling starts and the new wolf listens for a while, then tries to join in. He lets out a sound unlike anything anyone at Wolf Haven - with two legs or four - has ever heard before. Probably most cougars wouldn't recognize it either. All the other wolves just stop and stare.

It took several months before he learned to howl in proper Wolf.
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