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Subject:  Re: virus shuttered U.S. power plant Date:  1/21/2013  1:27 PM
Author:  EngineerPaul Number:  19098 of 20578

"Then why did you start by insinuating that I am an inspector or an environmental lawyer and use hyperbole to describe those professions in the worst possible manner?"

I cross paths with both manner of professionals from time to time, and I don't think I described them in the worst possible manner. Many of the good ones will admit to struggling with the issues I noted. IMO, inspectors have the hardest job. If they start letting small things slip, it gets out of control fast. If they hammer people over every mis-dotted i and mis-crossed t, they get painted as obstructionist and can get marginalized, which also leads to things being getting out of control. I have a lot of respect for the inspector who can walk that line.

"And lastly, I do not know why you are so interested in my finding a job. You say above you are not interested in personal detail, but here you are giving me detailed advice."

You seem upset about the industry. Message boards are not a very productive way to take that out. There are better ways, particularly for someone of your apparently strong qualifications.

"Does your handle really mean you are an engineer?"

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