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Subject:  Re: Shyness or more? Date:  1/22/2013  1:38 PM
Author:  pachouly Number:  42056 of 42475

Nearly all of the community sponsored activities in town are (again) during the day and for SAHP at his age. Which is funny, because I know our town doesn't actually have a majority SAHP for small kids, though it sure feels like it! Soccer might start next year after he is 4 and we were planning on that.. that is a good idea. There is an evening library storytime we could attend once a week -- the girls are too young to go, so that would be a good activity for him to do with one parent and maybe we'd meet people. He loves the library.

I'm planning to sign him up for weekend swimming or music (music is important to us as a family; husband still plays guitar/bass/drums, I used to play several different instruments); have some calls out on that, but yeah, that's less interactive than the sports.

We tried gymnastics a year ago to a spectacular fail; he refused to participate for many weeks running.. He is older now though. :-)

There's a woman down the street with two sons; one older and one younger. I should get her info and find out what they do.

You guys are shaming me. I appreciate the kicks. We've never settled into this area; our friends are still in the city (and sans kids); I guess it is time to give it a good try.

<pityparty>Can you tell I hate people myself? Or maybe it's that I'm barely coping myself with everything and to think of adding more crap on top of it feels terribly overwhelming. </pityparty>

One thing at a time, right?

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