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Subject:  Re: If you must argue with denialists.... Date:  1/24/2013  1:57 PM
Author:  bjchip Number:  40419 of 90610

"But it is wrong to accuse libertarians of being inconsistent by supporting the violation of "property rights" in the atmosphere in their resistance to climate change regulations. No one has property rights in the atmosphere, so there is no inconsistency."

Yet the commons IS destroyed, and there is NO response from any libertarian voice except to advocate fanciful ownership and lawsuit schemes (that was years ago) or deny that there is a problem. Injuries are thus indirectly done to people, to their children and even more to their children's children that would if done directly, justify the use of deadly force against the perpetrators.

The point I am making IS that libertarian philosophy cannot be applied to this problem, and is incapable of dealing with it. I probably should have called that "libertarian market" philosophy, as that is where the unreasonableness seems to be rooted.

A reasonable libertarian and I knew a few of those before climate change turned most of them into demented anti-scientific lunatics, would accept the necessity of an exception and look for the least intrusive/safest ways for the state to act. That search I enthusiastically support. I mistrust the corporations more than I mistrust the state, but have no trust in the government of the USA any more. It is a failed democracy.

You are correct that I use too broad a brush, but the last time I encountered an actual reasonable libertarian seems to me to be at least a decade ago. :-) I have come to the belief that libertarian principles are valuable but that as a philosophy it fails in much the same way as communism (which also has valuable insights) fails. It requires certain ideal qualities of individual people that no individual can be relied on to possess... and our society and its governments must be made up out of imperfect people.
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