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Subject:  Re: Ricardo ... Date:  1/25/2013  1:16 AM
Author:  notablelaggard Number:  370 of 455

Wow .. fantastic .. THANKS for such a thoughtful and thorough reply.
I've been here floating around Asia for over two months now and have
extended for another month. Doing a lot of 'sifting and weighing' (as
my Dear Mother used to often say) and am finding myself less certain
than ever of wanting to remain where I am now 'at home'. Though I've
visited NYC more than any other place in the US -- at least a dozen
times I'd say -- and stayed there on the LES with my then girlfriend
for 4 months once -- it's been 35 years since I seriously considered
living there. But it is now 'on the list' as a contender along with
several other places. Who knows, maybe something will come along or
I'll end up deciding to develop something where I am now, but it is
great to get an 'insider's view' on the overall situation. I love
what you share about Brooklyn -- would have otherwise never considered

Years and years ago before our 'tiff' I invited you to coffee at the
Round-The-Clock "the next time I'm in NY" and you told me to just give
you a day's notice. Since then, to my horror and sadness, the RTC has
But I suppose that Yaffa Cafe, only a few blocks away and also a
perennial favorite of mine, would do just as well .. LOVE Yaffas!
.. have you been?
Haven't been to the island in quite some time now though .. discovered
SE Asia and it 'took me over'.

Thanks so much, again, for taking the time and care for such a great response.
I'll certainly let you know if I begin to actually/seriously move in
that direction.
I may simply decide to move on into Warby's place for the duration of
my time here on earth. Problem solved!
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