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Subject:  Re: no more tax preparer licensing/education Date:  1/25/2013  11:32 PM
Author:  RBMunkin Number:  117538 of 128043

"The suit was over the IRS's ability to regulate all tax preparers"

I read that the suit was that the IRS has no legal authority to make up such a regulation; that it's up to Congress, which did NOT do so.

"Granted, a great many of these preparers do a fine job. But the IRS has been out to improve the quality of tax preparers for a number of years. This mandatory program was their attempt at enforcing some standards on the industry. "

Somehow I doubt their real concern is quality. That's like belieeving the FDA's concern is drug safety ;)
Probably more like a fee raising endeavor or some such tactic.

I doubt CPA's have any higher quality than non-CPA's. Not in my experience, nor in the articles I have read.
I've known a few CPA's who hardly knew basic bookkeeping rules. I would trust Turbo Tax before taking their word for anything.

Also, every year there was a test done of a random sample of CPA's whereby they were given a fake scenario on which to prepare a tax return. The results were WIDELY different. One of them, I remember, ranged from a bottom line of 150K tax due to 50K refund. Nice quality control!

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