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Subject:  Re: Coal fired plant emmission controls Date:  1/26/2013  11:18 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  40440 of 89347

Mike:"Not true at all. Most of the first buyers were hobbyists and engineers who built them from kits."

The first MITS kit with a 8008 processor...or was it a 4004, cost $500 in the 1974 timeframe, right.

No 'poor person' was going to buy one, especially when you got done with it, it required bootstrapping with the 18 switches on the front panel, in machine language, anything to get a program into it.

The Apple II home computer was..what, over a thousand bucks when you bought the monitor.

The IBM PC was well over a thousand bucks if not more.....

THe RAdio Shack TRS-80 would set you back $2000 if you bought disk drives, the expansion interface, the extra 24K of memory, a printer (dot matrix).....and a black and white monitor. Programs cost extra, typically $100 or $200 for a Fortran or COBOL or other compiler. Had one of them late 70s.....$$$$$ but I was a geek and could afford it.

No 'poor person' rushed out and bought them. Almost no one did other than geeks and a few business folks.

The HP 'scientifc' PCS in the early 80s cost $2300 or more each. We bought some of them at work. Many NOT to have IBM PCs with the accounting folks would always 'want to borrow'..... fixed them. Of course, they were obsolete in 3-4 years anyway.

The IBM XT , by the time you got it equipped with 10m disk drive and monitor, would set you back $2000.. Had one of them about 1985. Not cheap.

Same for an AT machine.....another $2000

The TRS-80 model 100 'personal computer' (laptop) was $2000. And that back in the 80s when salaries were half of what they were today. No 'poor person' or 'low income person' bought one. Plus there was no internet. THere were 3 email providers - MCI. Compuserve and someone else, I forget....and that was it. Simple email, no attachments.....

Now, even a minimum wage earner can buy a computer with a week's worth of earnings. That's a new one. Used one for 1/3rd or 1/2 of that.

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