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Subject:  Re: HEAT, FUQI, and PUDA Date:  1/29/2013  5:10 PM
Author:  Packers101 Number:  3621 of 4404

Maybe this says it best about these Chinese companies. I personaly visited China this past July. I found the local people afraid to talk, I found both regular Army soldiers and uniformed police everywhere. Our tour group was given explicit orders not to photograph any soldiers, police officers, or government buildings. These buildings included libraries, administrative offices, and standard issue government installations like police stations and Army bases. And there's no telling how many police officers there were dressed in plain clothes that we never saw. That speaks volumes about what the people have to put up with daily.

As far as shopping, here's a great example of what you might find in China. They had a 7 or 8 story building full of individual shops and vendors, much like a flea market, but in a skyscraper instead of a fairground. It's called the Silk Market, and it's a big tourist attraction. The only thing I found in that entire building that wasn't a knockoff or outright counterfeight was the esclator that took you from floor to floor. That was real enough. Nothing else that I saw.

The U.S. Embassay in Beijhing came out with news while I was there that the air quality in Beijhing was highly polluted and essentially toxic. The entire city is covered in a yellow haze. The Chinese government quickly responded by (1) stating that the U.S. Government has no business taking Chinese air quality readings, (2) Outright stated that U.S. Government was wrong about their readings, and (3) Indicated that the yellow haze wasn't pollution or toxic at all. It was in fact, 'mist'. We had to color correct every outdoor photo we took in China due to the 'Mist'.

Given all this, if I had known then what I know now, I would never ever have bought any Chinese stocks. And now that I have this knowledge, I never will again.
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