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Subject:  Re: FORTRAN??? Date:  1/29/2013  10:34 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  40523 of 90949

"Meanwhile, Fortran has improved quite a bit over the years: Fortran 90 introduced modules (similar to classes in C++), and Fortran 95/2003 introduced pointers. New code can be a lot cleaner than the old code and doesn't involve horrific, convoluted GOTO statements."

I learned FORTRAN (WHAT-FOUR?) progamming back in 1965 era...we had to use punchcards for the IBM card readers that shuffled the decks into the IBM 360 computers - one of the first 'solid state' computers......kept behind glass with lots of 'gate keepers' to keep us wimpy sophomores out of the world of blinking lights...... it was a pain in the butt to put it mildly with key punch errors.....

Of course it wasn't long before you used terminals to access your program and change it.

Even then there were all sorts of routines you could access.

When I started work in 1968, we had access to a GE time share system that had EE design programs on them....they likely ran in FORTRAN but we just had to enter tables of parameters and it would do circuit analysis for us..and a charge per minute of CPU time.

Now, you can do all that stuff on your desktop easy.....

I thought to GOTO stuff was in BASIC.... FORTRAN did the 'LOOP' stuff.

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