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Subject:  Re: Electric car monies Date:  2/5/2013  7:01 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  40668 of 90628

"They have also cut a lot of corners. We have a Honda CRV, that was getting 28 mpg combined, until we put new tires on it. The fuel mileage dropped to 26 mpg, about 7 percent. We got a smoother quieter ride, but lost the fuel mileage. This is a big corner cut."

Either you opted for lower mileage regular tires instead of buying the premium super mile tires....


you fell into the trap that as your tires wear out, the diameter decreases. Your odometer increasing reports more miles driven per tank since the number of revolutions of the wheel you a false mileage reading.

Unless you calibrate your tires - like doing 100 miles along the interstate and comparing mile markers with the odometer'll never note the graduate INCREASE in mileage as the tires wear out!


you put new tires on. Larger diameter...and of'll say, horrors! my new tires are giving me 5% less mileage. in reality, your odometer is probably now reporting the correct mileage..since the tire diameter is greater and it turns fewer times per mile......

Once again, you've got to calibrate your tires for a long period , say 100 miles, of mile markers to really see how it is doing.

If you got a can do the same. BEfore you change the tires, hold the car steady at off the speed your GPS says you are doing.

I'd bet your new tires are giving you the same ACTUAL just fell into the trap of worn tires.....and not realizing the mph error

When I bought new tires for the Prius....the replacement ones that were the same as the ones that came on the car...were 25K mile tires.....super mileage and 'sticky' tread...I opted for 80K mile tires....probably lost 2 mph and a bit of 'traction' but I stay off wet roads.....for the most part.... I couldn't see putting a 25K mile tire on the car to get an extra 2 mpg maybe......

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