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Subject:  OTish: what sort of scum shoots an elephant.... Date:  2/7/2013  5:24 AM
Author:  JDCRex Number:  1858321 of 2261246

... for sport?

I was watching a thing on the illegal ivory trade - and they had a bit about how in a couple of African countries you can actually kill an elephant for a large amount of money and take the ivory legally as a "trophy". There aren't that many shot this way - but honestly - why the hell would you do it all?

They had a video of flabby (mainly) white bastards standing over dead elephants grinning like idiots. They showed footage of an actual kill as well. It was just horribly sad to watch.

I mean - what the fornicate?

How pathetic do you have to be to stand in front of a huge, intelligent creature and end its life for your entertainment? It's easier to understand (but not condone) some criminal doing it to take ivory to sell for a fortune, but just for the hell of it!? Why!? What on earth does it prove?

If any of you morons out there reading this would actually like to do this, then I am not going to be politically correct about - you are pure, unadulterated scum. If you ever do try to do it (which I somewhat doubt) I hope the thing crushes your useless skull in before you get the chance.

Is any wingnut here going to mount a defence for these atrocious piles of crap who need to kill something to get their jollies? Do you not think that in the 21st frickin' century that it demonstrates pathological tendencies?

Go for it, wingnuts. Defend the pointless shooting of an elephant. Make yourselves look like the dirtbags you are.

Or - show that you have a shred of decency left and surprise me. Say "no, I don't condone the shooting of elephants for entertainment".
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