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Subject:  Re: So These Are Cops Making These Mistakes Date:  2/8/2013  12:47 PM
Author:  franchot Number:  1858510 of 2237372

Cmon. Let's not muck around. The number of civilians gunned down in the UK is a fraction of gun deaths in the US, despite idiotic claims to the contrary. Here's the Daily Telegraph quoting an 'alleged' academic mouthpiece from the NRA:

He said: “Great Britain shows the perils of mass confiscation that some people have proposed. It has a higher violent crime rate than the United States and especially high rate of home invasion burglaries.”
Is it necessary to spell out how absurd that claim is? The United States has 10.2 gun deaths per 100,000 people, the UK has 0.25. That means the US has 40 times more deaths per head than the UK.

However, there is no doubt that the UK has seen a shocking rise in violent crime recently. This rise correlates with what some regard as the A) treasonous reign of a morally fiscally bankrupt prime minister who despite inheriting a treasury replete with cash circa 1997, thanks to the sober stewardship of the previous Conservative govt managed to bring the UK to its knees in 13 years. This odious muppet and his acolytes managed to churn thru billions while pursuing a program of idiotic welfare/warfare largesse. Given his program of bankrupt socialist nonsense, this clown couldn't have been an often quoted darling of the American right wing, could he? Au contraire. Many alleged 'conservatives' in the US spent 2001 onwards fawning and tugging their forlocks in celebration of this bankrupt popinjay, as he waxed lyrical about the great altruistic necessity of spreading democracy to selected members of the world's oilfield at the point of a gun. Of course this crew of drooling neocons lost their ideological enthusiasm for Mission Freedom, just about the same time Team Pyramid were inspired to embrace the rhetoric.The rise of violent crime in the UK? That's related to the enthusiastic embrace of toxic US export-

eg X box/media, music, etc,etc, and the inability/reluctance of UK courts to impose sufficiently draconian sentences on violent thugs because of its membership of the EU, another bankrupt organisation promoted by the likes of see point A)
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