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Subject:  Re: Win the lottery...and keep working? Date:  2/9/2013  9:14 AM
Author:  RetiredVermonter Number:  1445 of 1935


Wow - an old post answered!

I can't see my original post now, so I don't know what I said about collecting SS. However, we both get SS (started lower, at age 62), and that is most of our income. No real pensions except a tiny one I get from an old employer I left in my 40's. We DO have a lot less than $200,000 in the bank, too. My IRA is only maybe $40K or so, after the 2008 mess, but I work at trying to make sure I have a collection of stocks that pay dividends and/or increase in value. I set it up so I can have a hundred or two transferred to my checking account when I need it for extra.

Can you live on lower income? Depends on debts, lifestyle, and so on. We live frugally, no smoking, no bars, rarely go to shows or movies, no costly sports like skiing or golf, etc. But we do still have a small mortgage. My wife is a good shopper, uses coupons and watches for specials, too. But we eat lunch out most days, at local, inexpensive restaurants. One car, no payments. We pay home taxes, car insurance, HO insurance, and Medigap insurance to supplement Medicare.

TBH, you probably live pretty high right now. College loans? Other higher expenses or loans?

Post again for more info. We've been retired for 10 years now, and we do okay. You can probably, too.


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