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Subject:  Re: Defense-Cut Hypocrisy Date:  2/21/2013  8:04 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  47995 of 121451

intercst:"I'm pretty sure that the majority of Americans would be willing to close military bases and cut defense spending to keep their Social Security and Medicare benefits.

That will eventually filter through to members of Congress. It's also the reason that the Paul Ryan Budget was dead on arrival once good, Christian middle-class voters realized what was in it."

Yeah..but first you got to stop the Hillary Clintons, who blocked closing military bases in NY state when she was a Senator from NY.....

heh heh

and all the other Senators who manage to over ride the Commission set up to close unneeded and obsolete military facilities.

Of course, that means more layoffs and loss of jobs.....

We could of course simply take our troops out of Europe..which we should have done 20 years ago..and let the French stew in their own socialist stew. Heck, they don't even have planes to fly their troops and supplies down to Mali in AFrica...they had to have us do it.

I'd rather see farmers not get paid for not planting crops. I'd rather see no more turtle tunnels for millions of dollars under roads to let 100 turtles cross or butterly museums for millions of dollars built with taxpayer money. or roads to nowhere or 100 million dollar airports used by 3 planes a day so a Congressman could get to his summer place in PA.

There's 125 billion that the Obama administration says it has in waste and fraud.....

Yet Obama hired 10,000 new IRS folks to go after collecting ObamaKare taxes.....but not a single new person to go after the 125 billion in fraud and waste.

Go figure.

The liberal dems really have no interest in spending a dime less. The only have an interest in collecting hundreds of billions or trillions in new taxes for an even bigger bloated government.

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