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Subject:  Re: MISSION STATEMENT Date:  2/22/2013  4:52 AM
Author:  FreethinkerKW Number:  380 of 381

So 12 years ago, Gekko II left this as his mission statement on post #2 for this board. One must wonder if he ever made it down here to have his eyes opened to what it's really like living in a fast disappearing Paradise?

A lot happened since then, among them 9/11 in the year of this board's founding, and then following, the subsequent market crash, the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the Credit/Banking Crisis, the Housing Crash, and a fast depletion of our natural resources, including what were once pristine reefs down here in Key West along with the depletion of much of our ocean's wildlife.

Not only that, but Key West has become a tacky tourist trap built around the $5 t-shirt shops marketing that Jimmy Buffett myth of 1970s Key West.

So, Gekko II, are you here wasting away in Party Town, USA? Did you make it down only to have your dreams give way to reality?

- Rock
23 year veteran of living in the Keys

Hi All!

I requested this board as a way to discuss with new friends one thing we don't often talk about and should...OUR DREAMS. Cheesy as it may sound, I get into investing, and I think you do too, to realize something tangible. In my case, one of my dreams is to be comfortable enough financially to retire early and own a bar in the tropics. Probably a pretty typical dream (especially for anyone who has ever spent a winter in New England). So, how do we get there?

The first way to realize a dream in my view is to make it real by talking to others about it. Its a small step, but one that is worthwhile, first, because it makes your dream concrete (you have invested it in whoever you've told), and second, because you can get feedback from that person. This board is an easy way to do just that. Whatever the dream, this is the board to reveal it. And once revealed, we can all put our heads together and find ways to make it a reality (at least thats the plan). Further, maybe others who have made their dreams a reality will grace our board and tell us how they did it.

Anyway, that was my vision for this folder. I hope to be drinking boat drinks with you all off the coast of Key West soon.

Bouna Fortuna,

Gekko II

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