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Subject:  Re: Bear catchers Date:  2/25/2013  10:15 AM
Author:  Rayvt Number:  241861 of 271938

Interesting how we can read something and interpret is differently than others.

I thought Jim was saying that if these factors exist than it is not worth betting on a rising market. My comment was intended to say since these factors do not exist now, that it is worth betting on a rising market.

Yes. Non-verbal expressions don't come through the written word very well. You can grimace and wink but nobody sees it.
"On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog."

Although my "pucker factor" (very emotional) is making me nervous.
Well, this is where the winners get separated out from the losers.
This has been widely discusssed -- mostly by the people in the 1st camp.

"Bull markets climb a wall of worry;"

"Everything you need to know about successful trading and investing is on the web, gratis. There are no secrets. The rules of the game are known ... Most people simply lack the discipline to follow the rules. There is a huge empathy gap between knowing something and actually applying it. It is just like the difference between knowing how to get in shape and doing it."

"The main edge you need is called discipline. Successful market participation is 80% psychology and 20% knowledge about the market."

"Once a system's algorithms and parameters are established, the system must be followed exactly and religiously. A system cannot be second-guessed or used intermittently. ... The idea is the probabilities in any particular system must be allowed to play themselves out over many trades."

"The key to trading success is emotional discipline."

"More Money Has Been Lost Avoiding Risk Than at the Point of a Gun
Until you realize taking a beating is a normal part of long-term investing, you’ll hurt the overall performance of your portfolio.
Staying with your strategy during a pullback is difficult, and it never gets any easier."

"[re: failing with great strategies is due to] A simple inability of the Humans running them to stay with them whenever there are rising fear levels" (My bolding)

"true bear markets start slowly giving many months to get out"

"Following the path of least emotional discomfort is a road to failure. "

"The challenge is ... in trying to implement [a successful] strategy on an ongoing basis. The problem arises that is always a plausible reason NOT to do something our strategy is telling us to do. The smarter someone is the more plausible a story that can come up with telling them their system is incorrect."
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