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Subject:  Re: Climate-change Models Fail Again and Again Date:  2/26/2013  10:57 AM
Author:  HMALETTER Number:  1862371 of 2297049

You've done it again;)

You will not get more than 3-4 recs total. No funding, no stars or accolades.

There's nowhere you can go in public circles and have a friendly conversation without giving even a passing reference to Global Warming.

Funny story.

I was at a beachfront bar ion Florida, and decided to have some fun. Cute young waitress said It's a hot sunny day. I replied "yes it is, the ice in the glass melts far faster than before manmade global warming took hold".

She says "Yes, it's quite bad now.!"

You can score points and smiles (far more up North), when you nod your head approvingly as these remarkably smart young people empty their brain databases about everything from riding bicycles to driving a Prius. We've even given up a third or more of our roadways in this mostly-winter climate for bike lanes.

A couple of major routes, which had four lanes (2 each direction), have been reduced to 2 lanes so we could enjoy wide bike lanes on each side. Never mind that nobody bikes in this climate 7-8 months a year. But a problem developed. Someone, some real nasty Republican-type, wrote a letter to the Editor. This nasty person noted that these main routes were the only viable NS/EW routes. They are both heavily travelled roads. After these wondrous changes for bikes, traffic has been tied up daily. Traffic is seen stopped at lights and near stores, as the single lanes have slowed down traffic.

I was alarmed to the point of tears, when I realized that by traveling these two roads, my Carbon Footprint could possibly lead to the melting of icebergs, and further man-made GLOBAL WARMING! Why on earth would these people force the traffic to cram into a single lane, slowing down people to their worst mpg rates, and even, (GASP) IDLING. (idling is a ticketable offense in this Liberal enclave of higher learning).

I am shocked.
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