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Subject:  2nd body - 1DX or 5D Mark III? Date:  3/4/2013  11:17 AM
Author:  martybl Number:  20977 of 23334

I've been shooting quite a bit lately. My girls have been doing Chinese Martial Arts, Wushu, and dance, and I've been taking pics at their performances. I've been shooting with Canon 1D Mark IV and the 70-200 f/2.8 IS "L" lens and have been extremely happy with the results. Their friends and families have been happy as well, and quite a few of them are using my shots as FB profile pics, the ultimate compliment.

I'm feeling the need for a second body, though. While the above combo works great for the actual performances, it's a little too long to get panoramic shots before and after the performances, particularly the closings where all the performers are on stage. It's also a little unwieldy for shooting candid shots of the kids getting ready and hanging out after their performances. What I'd like is a body that I could mount the 28-70 f/2.8 "L" lens on for these shots.

I'm considering the 1DX and the 5D Mark III, and was hoping to get some input. It seems like the 1DX has significantly better build quality, which is important, since I tend not to be gentle on my equipment. It does have the ability to shoot faster, though I tend not to use the fast burst mode on my current 1D. 3-4 fps seems fast enough, and gives me a whole lot less to process. It would be nice to have another camera in the wings to take the place of the 1D Mark IV, which is entering middle age. I've shot a LOT of frames on it, though it seems to be holding up pretty well.

The 5D Mark III is significantly cheaper and lighter. I don't have any problems carrying the 1D, but wondering if the pros out there have experience lugging two full sized bodies, and what their thoughts are. It's got a few more megapixels in the sensor, though I'd be surprised if that makes a difference in the quality of the images. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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