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Subject:  Re: Used games Date:  3/7/2013  11:41 AM
Author:  Philipo Number:  156299 of 157291

"It's entirely possible that the SCOTUS could overturn the first sale docturine, regardless of where the physical item was produced. "

Yeah (agree). Since US corporations are treated as people by our current era SCOTUS this wouldn't surprise me - it's eff the consumer and protect the big guys. I don't think that's just cynical...the nature of the market already obsoletes and makes hard to share entertainment wares so it begs challenging how much protection these corporations really need from consumers and their yard-sales. We already know Sony and MS will screw over customers & partners in spite of a recession so I say let them hang themselves and we keep our shekels for something other than $40-$50 games that often fail to deliver long term fun.
(still working through a 2' pile of Xbox360 games - finding most are redundant within their genre's IMO and add complexity for the sake of justifying the price rather than for fun - I bet Nolan Bushnell would agree ;-)
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