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Subject:  Re: Tax strategies for high W2 earners? Date:  3/8/2013  10:24 PM
Author:  canuck104 Number:  117998 of 130717

So what your saying is that there are no real strategies other than 401ks, HSA, etc. That would have been a lot easier to read than the snarkiness that is now part of the Fool community:

- Grandpa's knee.......of course you can reinvest profits in a business and defer/minimize taxes.

- Of course backdoor Roth contribution potentially lowers your FUTURE tax burden (yes I do in fact understand them)

- Vote Republican next do you know I didn't

Or.....the most genius of the posts:

- Quit my job......pure genius.....wish I would have thought of that myself!! With that kind of keen insight, he/she should probably run for political office!!

The answers to this thread remind how much the Fool has degraded since the late real answers other than smart-ass comments from wannabe know-it-alls. The Fool USED to be a place where people wanted to help with questions....not a place where pinheads post garbage to feel superior to those asking the questions. Jeez.

There are still some "old school" Fools who actually want to help -but they are getting scarcer and/or are less active because of stupidity like the follow-up posts to my question.

And Phil, as a Fool employee, I would expect better of you most of all as you are (presumably) the bearer of the Fool culture that David and Tom created decades ago but which is slowly degrading.

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