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Subject:  Re: 4 Years no budget from Senate ... Date:  3/23/2013  5:41 PM
Author:  eatenbybears Number:  1867119 of 2228888

Exactly, It is Clearly NOT Traditional Medicare

Did anyone ever say it was?

Everyone acts like Medicare is something that will supplement all the pipe dream programs. Obamacare taps Medicare for what? Some $500 billion? Ryan changes the system in some way .....

The fact is, the trust for Medicare "A" (hospital payments) runs out of money in 11 years. "B" and "D" are solvent for the moment due to a different funding method than "A"

Bottom line, none of the plans can work.

The little that has been released on Obamacare shows increased taxes that are not enough to fund the system which is by design going to provide lesser coverage than many of the middle class chose to carry now.

Obamacare policies are mainly going to be high deductible catastrophic policies ... meaning the first .... $2500, $5000 will need to be out of pocket.

Fine that it helps those with less to afford the policy, but if a family living on $50,000 can now have a policy for a small amount ..... it is of no use to go see a doctor or get basic treatment .... you must pay down that deductable, and if you had no extra money before Obamacare ..... why would you have any more after Obamacare?

So, you ignore the symptoms and dont go to the doctor and if it gets worse, you go to the ER where they cant refuse you (what the program was expected to prevent .... same as "saving each family $2500. Thats history ... the Pre existing program shut down already, it blew through it's 5 Billion dollar start up budget in a couple months .... now they say there is not enough money to set up all the exchanges .... all that needs to go back to Congress for more money from a broke country.

The mess just keeps getting bigger. Right now, depending what part of the country you live in, 20-33% of doctors will not accept Medicare as payment. You pay the full payment up front, they will file the claim for you, and you wait until Medicare sends you a check for whatever percent of the original charge they choose to pay. Saw a sign saying the same thing at my cardiologist. My blood lab requires they have a credit card on file before they do any bloodwork,

We are in it deep.

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