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Subject:  Re: You can't embarass a Dem Date:  3/23/2013  5:43 PM
Author:  Dwdonhoff Number:  116590 of 169401

Hi Felix,

No reputable experts have determined that Obama's Hawaii birth certificate is forged.
That's a subjective statement, meaningless in itself. There are equally 'no reputable experts' who have determined that Obama's bc is legit... completely equal and factually true... in other words; meaningless.

Unless you think Sheriff Arpaio's Tea Party "posse" and conspiracy theorist Jeremy Corsi and his partner Mike Zullo are experts.
They don't have to be 'experts' because they're not asking anyone to blindly believe them on merely their statements. They have delivered exhaustive evidence that the PDF document presented as though it were Obama's B.C. is a photoshopped fraud.

And anyway, where do you think Obama was born?
Where he was actually born doesn't matter at this point... what matters is that he (or those he entrusts) have committed fraud.

It might be the same stupidity as someone using a fake ID to buy beer after they've already turned 21.

He might very well have been born exactly as he claims... and he's still guilty of fraud. The fraudulent act may very well not be the false claim of birth, but the presentation of the clearly bogus documents trying to support the birth location claim.

At this point, there's seriously nobody of any credibility claiming the documents are legitimate. A bogus document created to support what may otherwise be true, is still a bogus document... fraud.

It really then leads to the question; WHY would he bother?

If it was really nothing more than because there truly is no such document... and its easier to foist the fraud than trying to explain the truth... that's a very weak justification and still blatant fraud.

Most people of common sense, when looking at the facts, suspect it is less innocent than this.
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